Taking the Long View: From e-Science Humanities to Humanities Digital Ecosystems


"Auf lange Sicht: Von den Geisteswissenschaften im e-Science Kontext zu einem Geisteswissenschaftlichen digitalen Okosystem". In this paper we investigate the importance of research infrastructures for arts and humanities research. We seek to outline the development of a digital research infrastructure localised in the science and engineering domain and framed within the concept of e-Science. We define the primary characteristics of e-Science as big data and big structures such as the grid and high performance computing. We will attempt to demonstrate the transfer of the e-Science paradigm to the humanities and to assess what worked and what did not. We then suggest how thinking about technology and infrastructure through and within the humanities can lead to transformation and finish with a suggestion that the future for humanities research infrastructures is best framed around the emerging idea of a humanities specific digital ecosystem.